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Green JobWorks is a Baltimore–Washington DC metropolitan area based staffing company, providing both skilled and general labor to clients in different industries such as Construction, Cleaning, Warehouse, Abatement, Roofing, and many other trades.
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Green JobWorks is a Baltimore-based staffing company, providing both skilled and general labor to clients in the construction industry in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia. Green JobWorks' senior management team, led by Chief Executive Officer Larry Lopez, offers more than two decades of logistics, staffing and construction experience, including proven past performance completing complex, multi-stage construction and demolition projects. Green JobWorks uses a unique, referral-based hiring system, ensuring that we can provide the right employees, on demand, to our clients.

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On our journey to becoming the leader in construction staffing.

We help construction companies, business owners, and governmental organizations carry out their vision by providing the staff they need. Our goal is to be the relief valve your organization needs by providing your trained, certified, staff where and when you need them.
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As an ROI-focused staffing company we help businesses grow through education, training, collaboration, and execution.

We experience success through the success of our clients.